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Operation and Maintenance Services

We are the leading service provider of Operation and Maintenance Services for utility scale and commercial photovoltaic systems.

Our highly proficient professionals are well-versed in providing these maintenance services as per the needs of our client. We use modern technology to offer maintenance services to each solar farm. Besides, these maintenance services are rendered to our customers at pocket friendly prices.

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  • Perform Proper Maintenance
  • Manage Anomaly Alerts
  • Minimize Economic Losses from Outages
  • Audit Energy Production
  • Achieve Maximum Performance
  • Monitor Real-Time Data
  • Delve into Historic Data Trends
  • Review Atmospheric Conditions
  • Perform Preventative/Corrective Maintenance
  • Evaluate Network Voltage and Frequency
  • Optimize Performance
  • Inventory and Spare Parts Management
  • Supply In-Depth Performance Reports
  • Oversee Security Alerts and Monitoring
  • Environment Conditions Control
  • Coordinate Warranty Repairs & Regular Service Checks
  • Solar Array Cleaning
  • Perform proper maintenance
  • Audit energy production
  • Monitor real-time data